We have an ever growing collection of plugins for WordPress. We have created fantastic plugins to fill vital gaps in the market. We also take on old plugins that are no longer being developed, breathing a new lease of life into them and ensuring that they remain available for many years to come.

Coupon Code Plugin

coupon code logo WordPress PluginsIncrease your affiliate income by providing coupons, tempting users to purchase the affiliated product or service. Coupon Code Plugin protects your coupon codes and your affiliate link, automatically copying the coupon code to the users clipboard when they visit the affiliate link. Coupon Code Plugin is available in two versions, Coupon Code Lite (free) and Coupon Code Elite (premium).

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Social Gateway

Have you ever wanted to provide content, images, downloads (or anything else you can put in a wordpress post or page) in exchange for mentioning your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin? Now you can!

Social Gateway allows you to hide sections of content within a post or page (or the full post or page) only once the visitor has mentioned you on a social network. You can set the exact link you would like mentioned or even have random posts mentioned.

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This is a vital plugin for importing content via rss feeds. The content is then converted into posts that are added to categories based on your settings. Each campaign can have as many rss feeds as you want and you can then select what category you would like the resulting posts to be placed into.

WP-O-Matic is a fantastic plugin which was abandoned by the original developer. We took over the development to keep this great plugin alive and working properly.

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Editing images to include your watermark and to ensure they are the exact dimensions you need can be a real pain. SnipIt automates watermarking and resizing of all images, including images imported (such as autoblogging) or images uploaded by users (user generated content). Help to promote your website and deter image theft my watermarking all of your images automatically when they are uploaded or imported.

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Content Timeout

Provide limited access to posts for a set number of views or for a set number of days and hours. Ideal to provide a sneak preview of your posts, but requiring the user to register once their access to your content has timed out.

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