Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website and the content so that it is considered to be more relevant to one or more search terms when a search engine views and indexes it. This results in a higher ranking within relevant search results as search engines rank results based on how relevant the search engine deems them to be.

It is absolutely vital for websites to be ranked on the first page of search results as fewer visitors will click on the second page. Even on the first page, you should ideally rank first so that you obtain the main percentage of clicks and visitors.

We provide a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services, all of which are listed below:

Search Engine Submission

We submit your website to all major and minor local, national and international search engines. The search engines queue your website so that it can be indexed. Indexing can take up to 1 month to complete, but in most cases the search engines will visit your website within a few days. Once indexed, your website will begin to be displayed within relevant search results, climbing up the ranking as you receive more traffic and more content is added to your site.

Submitting your website to search engines will let them know that your website exists, where it is and where your sitemap is (if you have one). In many cases where sites have not been submitted, search engines will manage to find them, but they may end up listed incorrectly or be on some search engines but not others. Our search engine submission service guarantees that all search engines not only know where your website is, but that they also list it correctly and can check your sitemap for accurate updates.

Orders are usually processed and completed within 48 hours. Once complete, we will email you the reports showing which search engines have accepted your website as well as helpful tips on what you should do next to get the best possible results.

DIY SEO Report

Why does your website not rank in the first position for a specific search term? Our SEO team analyses your website and your top ten competitors websites in great detail to provide our DIY SEO Report which averages 8 full pages. In this blow by blow report, you are shown how your website compares to your competitors, highlighting the areas that need to be altered and informing you of what actions need to be taken.

Our guarantee: We guarantee that by following the actions detailed within our DIY SEO Report, your website will rank in the first position for the search term or we will provide a full refund.

Guaranteed SEO

Our team of SEO experts analyses your website and determine the best keywords to use based on your business sector, keyword statistics, search volumes, competition and existing results. They will then provide you with their proposal and action plan before the work begins. You will receive regular reports showing your existing and previous rankings, search analysis and visitor analysis. The proposal will be dynamic, allowing for changes and alterations to fine tune your SEO and obtain the best possible rankings for your business.