Customer Flow Customer Flow AnalysisWhere your customers go on your website, how easily they can navigate your website and how few clicks it takes them to get where they want to go are determining factors for your websites income.

We employ customer psychologists who analyse customer flow patterns and propose the most suitable solutions for the majority of your customers. This allows you to optimize your website to meet the needs of your customers while minimizing loss and maximizing your income.

We will spend no less than one month analysing your website and customer flow. Larger websites with smaller traffic volumes may take longer.

Once the analysis is complete, we will create a report detailing the following recommendation:

  • Changes to page and link structure
  • Changes to ordering and click-through process
  • Common landing pages and how you can optimize them
  • Call to action locations (where they would provide the best results)
  • Methods to increase returning visitors
  • Methods to increase pages viewed per visitor
  • Methods to increase repeat business
  • Methods to increase average basket size
  • Methods to ensure customer satisfaction

Each report that we provide is hand written and entirely customized towards your site, visitors and business, providing in depth analysis of your website and visitors, allowing you to increase your sales while decreasing your overheads and other costs.

Request Quote2 Customer Flow AnalysisWebsites are all different sizes and as such the work required for each varies. We ask that you request a quote so that we can provide you with the best possible value for money.