T-shirts come in various forms and designs and are very fun and relatively easy to wear, however, generally speaking, they are a casual wear and usually worn when trying to dress down or casually. To wear your t-shirt properly and look good while doing it, it is important to know how to wear it with the proper pants, while matching them with the right shoes that go with the overall getup. To that end, I will be giving some tips on how to effectively match your t-shirt with your wardrobe and look your best.


The fabric used in making a lot of t-shirts make it a bit difficult to properly assign a size to various t-shirts, hence, it is better to note the kind of fit the shirt offers. Usually, when it comes to fit, we have three types which are, regular fit, slim fit, and finally, big and tall fit.


This size is suited for the average man and shirts like this are not too tight or big. An average sized man would be able to rock a t-shirt in this category.


This is different from the regular fit in the sense that it is made to feel tighter and hug your frame somewhat when it is worn. Shirts like these usually curve inwards as it reaches the torso. It should not, of course, stick to you like a second skin. There has to be some allowance.


This type is made with the taller men in mind. Men who are 6'2" and above fall into this category. The tails of these shirts are longer and the waist wider.

Once you have determined the type of fit you are looking for in a shirt, then you can begin to pick out a size.

A shirt that fits you regularly might be a different size from a slim fit shirt for you. Whatever fits you eventually end up selecting, the most important thing is to make sure the shirt you select, fits just right. To know this with a level of certainty, there are some things you need to look out for.

1.) The bottom part of the shirt you pick should fall below your waist, but should not go beyond halfway mark of your zipper.

2.) The seams of the shoulder must never hang past your shoulder. If that happens, it is a sign the shirt is not a right fit and is probably oversized.

3.) For normal t-shirts, the sleeves usually fall at the halfway point between your shoulder & your elbow.  


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When getting yourself a shirt r matching a shirt with your other clothes, you need to get the color right. A good thing to keep in mind is that brighter colors tend to highlight, while darker colors tend to obscure.

What this means is that, if you are not completely confident in your upper body shape, then darker colored t-shirts are what you need to go with. If you want it to be noticed, however, then lighter and brighter colors can be selected.

As soon as you are sure of the type of colors that work for you, then you can begin to select the exact colors that work with what you have in mind.

Take into account your skin tone, your hair color, and your eye color amongst other things. Ensure that you try out various shirts within that color spectrum before a mirror, before arriving at a choice.

Your initial reaction to seeing yourself in that shirt is usually the correct one. You have to make sure the shirt is something you are comfortable with and completely certain you look good in.


Once you have decided on the shirt you want, the next and final steps are to match them with the proper pants and shoes. Keep in mind that you can wear whatever you are comfortable in, however, our judgment may not always be the best and thus, here are a few things that can help fine tune your choices.


Try to avoid attempting to match brown with black. Granted, there are situations where they can go together, but the odds of matching your brown t-shirt with your black jeans tastefully are low and not worth the trouble.


This is another combination that can be pulled off in some few cases and has a higher likelihood of working than brown and black even, but still, the difficulty is not worth it really.

You might end up looking like you just couldn't differentiate between both colors.

Now that those tips are out of the way, we can begin selecting proper pants to go with the t-shirt. Usually, with pants, there are three main choices guys are faced with namely, blue jeans, black jeans and then khakis or brown pants. The color of your shirt and the shoes you want to wear should determine what you eventually go with.


Guys usually have a brown and black shoe and then sneakers. You can select the sneakers to wear, based on the most obvious color. Matching t-shirt, pants, and shoes can be tricky, and can usually be achieved appropriately by using elimination.

If you have a red shirt, then you can begin testing with a pair of black jeans paired with black shoes and if you select a pair of blue jeans, try out a different color of shoes. If you have a navy blue shirt, then the black jeans are eliminated and you may not be interested in wearing the blue jeans either which leaves you with the brown pants and then the brown shoes maybe.

There are other combinations, and while elimination can be confusing, it will help you look your best based on available options.

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